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Fast Weight Loss Is More Water than Fat

There is a lot of debate on when people lose weight; they are not losing fat but water. What is this about? This is usually is in reference to the initial losses. At the beginning of your weight loss journey, the weight you may lose may be more than what could be merited as a decrease in body fat, as you cannot keep the same rate up in the following weeks. This causes confusion among the dieters. The reason for this is that the initial losses are water losses and not fat.

The human body is smart and has an ideal range of what amount of water it should have and it regulates itself. When you start losing weight, you first lose water, then fat. It is important to know how much fluid to replace when you work out because if you over-water yourself, you will lose that again first. You have to burn more calories, than you intake, that is the key to losing weight. Thus, it is important not to over hydrate oneself.

Why the fast weight loss is more water

Glucose, the body fuel, is stored in the muscles and the liver in the form of glycogen, for future use, which also holds water. So, when you reduce the amount of carbs in the body, this glycogen is consumed which releases its bound water, dropping all its water-weight. Your initial weight loss is the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles throughout your body. Burning calories suggest to the body that you are starving and the sugar in these storages is used first, as it is more available and easier.

These sugars are stored in solutions i.e. with water, so when you lose sugars you lose water along with them. The pounds you lose in the start are often water or lean muscle rather than fat. It is only after continued weight loss that the body starts to tap into the fat. This is where the real work for a dieter begins as body fat is harder to get rid of than water-weight of the body.

Exercise and diet programs will cause you to lose glycogen, fat and muscle tissue. There proportions vary, depending on the weight loss strategy. Cutting your carbohydrates will cause high glycogen losses initially, along with some muscle and fat. When people want to reduce their weights the first thing they do is start eating less (reducing carbs) making them lose weight fast. Thus the weight lost fast is more water than fat.

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Don’t be fooled

It is easy to get fooled by the quick gains and losses after a week of low carb diet, which fills people with excitement and they think the diet they are on is perfect. But when they slip up and eat a normal diet for even a day, they gain back the lost pounds causing distress amongst the dieters de motivating them from further effort. This is a fact all dieters should be made aware of in the start of their weight loss programs.

It should be clear to you by now that these quick losses and gains are almost entirely water. This is the explanation to the fast weight loss, dieters report having experienced. The water weight of the body is also lost due to sweat. In the initial three days of dieting, you probably do not lose any real fat.  It is only after about two weeks that the results of low carbs start to kick in. By reducing the number of carbohydrates in the body, the blood sugar swings are eliminated that cause hunger in most of the people.

All your hunger cravings might fade away in less than three weeks. When you start saying no to your hunger cravings, eventually you find it much easier to eat far less than you used to. So basically, reducing calorie intake reduces the hunger that causes real and dramatic weight loss that dieters have reported.

If after the initial weight loss success, you are having a hard time with reducing your body fat for further weight loss; PhenQ is a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight by burning the fat layers of the body preventing its further storage.