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Male Sexual Enhancement Techniques

Many men feel that their manhood is below par. But the fact is that most average men feel this way; so do some above average men. It is OK to feel this way but if this is affecting your sex-life you may have to look into ways to enhance your sexual performance. There are many ways to boost your sex life. Some of them include popping unsafe pills, surgeries but it is always best to go for natural and safe ways for sexual enhancement. No matter whom you are; experienced or a none experienced man, anyone can use the following techniques to gratify from sex and enhance their sexual performance. Along with the following techniques you can also use Male Extra to supercharge your sex life.  Male Extra is a leading product that can spice up or sex life with its amazing features.

Use your junk how it matters

Most men make the size of their member more relevant than how they use it. This is a notion that you will have to discard and work with what you have. People who grew up watching porn usually have this conception and try to imitate. In reality, rhythm is the actual orgasm maker. While having intercourse it is not only your organ that needs to move. Mere in/out movement of your organ is not something that is sufficient.  Sex while intercourse needs to involve your whole body. That includes your hips, your stomach, your arms and etc. It is the bodies that need to participate. This will help increase your staying power as your mind will be on the act, not on your own self.

Take note that your organ is not a weapon and you should refrain from stubby in/out movement of your penis. Sex is about massaging with your penis not in/out movement of it. The intercourse should be more about pressure, massage and friction. Point to remember is that sex is about seducing an orgasm; you cannot force it.

Understand the vagina

The most immediate way for a woman to orgasm is the clitoris. After penetration, aim for the right spots. The G-spot which is 3 inches inside the vagina is relatively easy to find as it has a rough feeling than everything else in the vagina. Then there is the U-spot which is right at the urethra. The vagina contains an A-spot known which is approximately in front of the cervix. This is the spot where the fantasy vaginal orgasms lie. The A-spot is also known as the ‘deep spot’. While aiming for the A-spot, be careful not to poke the cervix because that will cause pain to your partner. The area around the cervix is sexually sensitive but not the cervix itself. Your partner will not be happy if you stab the cervix with your organ. To stimulate the A-spot you need to put pressure on it- push in your penis and rub against the top of the vaginal canal.

Stop masturbating to porn

Talking from a scientific point of view it is actually not very helpful to young men. Porn is not what actual sex is and it should not be your teacher. Many of the things shown in porn are frivolous and create a wrong perception about sex in your mind. People start having problems when they become sexually active because they have unrealistic expectations of what sex is about. Porn programs your mind to have sex in a different way and that is with your hand. People who watch porn or are addicted to it have complained to experienced problems with their love life. The porn images and scenes in your head may cause you to fantasize about them while having sex, making you absent in the moment. Semenax Semen Enhancement

You should focus on being present and attentive to your partner while having sex. An unrealistic vision of sex will hurt feelings, cause confusion and lead to disappointment.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

When you are healthy, your penis will work better. A healthy body will have a better erection with longer sustainability. For this if you are not in shape you will have to make some life style changes. Most of the things men do to unwind actually harm their health and destroy their sex life. Primary examples of this are smoking and drinking alcohol. Studies have shown that smoking may cause impotence whilst affecting your overall health. Drinking too much alcohol will decrease the levels of testosterone in the body and reduce your libido. To improve your health you should make a habit to exercise daily and incorporate a diet that is actually healthy.

All in all, these male enhancement techniques advise you to work with what you got with a better understanding of what sex is about whilst letting go of bad habits. Along with these techniques you can use Male Extra, a male enhancement product that can help increase the size, sustainability and hardness of your erections with its all natural ingredients.

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